Dealing With Year-End and COVID-19 Burnout

  • Dealing With Year-End and COVID-19 Burnout

Tips on how to wrap up 2020 and step into 2021 with peace of mind.

We're steering towards the end of what has been termed the longest and the shortest year in history. It seems it was just yesterday when the streets were quiet but not a peaceful quiet, rather a dark, ominous quiet filled with fears. For the average South African, this has been a year of tragedy and grief. The end of every year comes with fatigue but this year is exceptional - while dealing with year-end fatigue, we are also dealing with COVID-19 anxiety. Everyday still comes with uncertainty, as we see mutations of this virus and can only wonder what its next trick will be. Many are taking time away from the regular hustle and bustle, to get a glimpse of normalcy and hold on to the festive spirit; in reality, the nation is tired. Here are some tips to deal with this double dose of fatigue and walk into the next year with less stress:

  • List your accomplishments for the year: Many goals were deferred due to the pandemic and that is okay. Remember to take note of what you were able to do, against the odds. 
  • Set goals for 2021: Write down what you hope to achieve in the next year, organize according to priority and make sure you give yourself a manageable load. 
  • Declutter: Organize, organize and organize. Start with small details like decluttering your mailbox, organizing your desk and getting rid of old till slips that you'll probably never need again. Move on to the bigger things like crossing off unattainable goals, making peace with the people you may have fallen out with in the past year and spring-cleaning your home for the New Year. 
  • Stay home, stay safe: While many are tired of hearing this, the coronavirus is still running rampant and claiming lives. It is our wish that we conquer it, as a nation and adhering to the rules (and self-regulating, most importantly) is our best bet. As far as possible, stay home, mask up, keep the distance and sanitize/wash your hands often. 

Please be kind to yourself, as this year took a sharp turn and dealt an unexpected blow, it is okay to not be where you thought you would be. Remember, everyday is an opportunity to try again. Happy holidays, from the Kelston family!

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